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Digisound Mastering is a leading audio pre-mastering facility based in Melbourne, Australia. We have been successfully working with our clients both locally and internationally for over ten years.

From the days of vinyl….
Our lead Mastering Engineer, Sakis Anastopoulos has had a long history of working in the Audio industry, from his early career as an internationally renowned DJ playing leading clubs and venues around the world, through to his transition into the world of professional audio mastering.

…to the intricacies of modern music mastering!
Digisound is a leading mastering studio employing some of the most modern and sophisticated equipment to deliver premium quality mastering outcomes for our valued clients.

We use only proven equipment:
We don’t use equipment that we don’t test. We have been testing equipment for several major manufacturers in the professional audio industry over the years and we won’t use them unless they meet the high standards that we have set on excellent sonic quality.

Elektra Reference
The Elektra Reference Series of products have been designed with extreme detail to ensure that the sound professional gets the absolute best in sound quality and accuracy. Here at Digisound Mastering we use the Elektra Reference Series in every project that we master because we pride ourselves in paying attention to detail. We want to provide our customers with the best sound that can be obtained with today’s technology no matter what the cost is. Read More

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