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The Elektra Reference Series of products have been designed with extreme detail to ensure that the sound professional gets the absolute best in sound quality and accuracy.

Here at Digisound Mastering we use the Elektra Reference Series in every project that we master because we pride ourselves in paying attention to detail. We want to provide our customers with the best sound that can be obtained with today’s technology no matter what the cost is.

The Elektra Reference Series of Power Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers and Digital to Analogue Converters enables us to work fast, efficient and is so precise that decisions can be made quickly without any hesitations. If there’s a problem in a recording it’s revealed at once allowing us to decide quickly what to do next. During mastering we don’t cut corners. We MUST know that the sound that we are hearing is pure without any coloration in the signal path. This applies to all frequency ranges from the bottom octave to the top one.

High Resolution Audio at 24/32 BITS-192 kHz and beyond is something that we deal with every day trusting the Elektra Reference Series to reveal every detail that exists in such demanding projects.

We choose to use the Elektra Reference Series because it is the best and we won’t settle for anything less.

The Elektra Reference is a stereo power amplifier capable of reproducing with outstanding clarity the current standards and the next generation of digital audio standards.

All parts that can affect sound quality have been carefully tested and reviewed prior to their incorporation into the amplifier. These include power supply transformers and electrolytic capacitors and circuit topology.

Basic Structure
The amplifier consists of two massive heatsink blocks for efficient cooling. These have the added advantage of enhancing the rigidity of the case to minimise any vibration. The power transformer and supply capacitors are placed in the center of the case to further reduce the effects of vibration and electronic interference.

Circuit Design
The amplifiers circuit, from the input to the output stage, uses an improved linear phase and low distortion current feedback circuit topology. This is optimised for excellent high frequency and phase performance. The circuit board layout ensures the minimum signal path length.

All transistors used have exceptional audio qualities due to their linearity and high frequency performance. The current feedback circuitry allows for fewer parts in the signal path and improved performance over standard designs in terms, phase frequency performance.

To improve the sound quality, the power transformer has been custom designed to reduce the harmonic distortion of the electric current. The transformer is fully encapsulated (potted) which both improves performance sonically and further eliminates mechanical vibrations that affect the surrounding circuitry.

Custom designed electrolytic capacitors have been developed to complement the circuitry which uses an exceptionally thick 4N (99.9999%) high purity aluminium foil and a natural fibre (silk) separator which allows capacitors to be made which reduce modulation effects to produce a very musical and full sound.



Power Per Channel (Watts RMS)
8ohm 220W
4ohm 440W

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005% (measured at 1Khz 10 Watts, 8 Ohm)

Frequency Response 10Hz-300KHz +0.5 -0 5dB

S/N Ratio (IHF A network) 115db

Input Sensitivity / Impedence 1.5V/100kohm

Height x Width x Depth 160 x 445 x 370 mm

Weight Unit 25kg

Weight Shipping 27kg

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